Tesla Releases 3 Big New Software Updates for Vehicles

Tesla Updates

Tesla has released a big new software update for its vehicles that includes a number of new features, including new music options, parental controls, and navigation improvements.

The most notable new features are the addition of Youtube Music and Amazon Music to Tesla’s existing music streaming options. This will give Tesla drivers a wider variety of music to choose from.

The update also includes new parental controls that allow parents to set speed limits, limit acceleration, and enable safety features for young drivers. This can help to give parents peace of mind when their kids are behind the wheel.

Finally, the update includes some improvements to Tesla’s navigation system. The navigation system can now include sub-destinations, which can be helpful for drivers who are planning a trip with multiple stops. The status bar can also now display weather and air quality information.

This is a significant update that adds a number of new features and improvements to Tesla vehicles. The new music options, parental controls, and navigation improvements will all be appreciated by Tesla drivers.

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