ASML Holding Target Price Boosted to €1,302 from Bank of America

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ASML Holding NV has gained additional momentum as Bank of America Corp. raised its price target to a level above all its peers. This move underscores the company’s significant role in the advancing technology sector.

New Price Target

Bank of America (BAC) analyst Didier Scemama has increased his price target for ASML shares to €1,302. This is the highest target among the 40 analysts tracked by Bloomberg. Scemama’s bullish outlook suggests that the company’s shares have the potential to rise by another 35% from their current levels.

AI Boom and Revenue Projections

The rationale behind Scemama’s optimistic forecast is ASML’s pivotal role in the artificial intelligence (AI) boom. The company’s semiconductor equipment is crucial for producing the high-performance chips necessary for AI applications. Scemama expects ASML to achieve a revenue of €40 billion ($43.5 billion) next year, which sits at the top end of the company’s guidance range.

Demand for Advanced Lithography Tools

As AI continues to expand, there is an increasing need for faster and more powerful chips, especially for servers and data centers running AI algorithms. ASML’s advanced lithography tools are essential in the manufacturing process of these sophisticated chips. This growing demand supports the positive revenue outlook and justifies the increased price target.

Market Performance

On Thursday, ASML shares surged by as much as 3%, reaching a record high of €972. This rise occurred amidst a second consecutive day of broad gains in technology stocks. The surge in share price boosted ASML’s market capitalization to over €385 billion, maintaining its lead over luxury-goods group LVMH, which it surpassed earlier in the week.

Strategic Developments

ASML is also set to deliver its $380 million chip machine to TSMC this year, further solidifying its position as a key player in the semiconductor industry. This strategic move is expected to enhance ASML’s market position and contribute to its projected revenue growth.


ASML Holding NV’s recent performance and future prospects highlight its crucial role in the AI and semiconductor sectors. With an increased price target and a strong market position, ASML is poised for continued growth, reinforcing its status as a leader in the global technology market.

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