How Apple Card holders can avail $100 in Daily Cash?

Apple Card

Reportedly, Apple is offering up to $100 daily cash bonus for adding Apple Card Family members with the latest promotion from Apple.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) has several finance targeted features and services like Apple Savings and Apple Card. The company occasionally runs promotions for Apple Card users from time to time to convince users to expand their use or bring in new members. These promotions by company can vary in terms of the bonuses and benefits they provide.

The specific promotion of offering up to a $100 Daily Cash bonus for adding Apple Card Family members, is an effort to get Apple Card owners to consider switching to Apple Card Family, or to just add new members, Apple is offering $25 cashback for each new family member added.

But it’s important to note that promotions and offers can change frequently. As is usual for Apple’s promotions, the original cardholder doesn’t get any of the Daily Cash reward. As long as those Participants are added by September 12, 2023, and they spend $25 or more in the first 30 days, each will earn $25 in Daily Cash. The promotion is limited to four members so a maximum of $100 can be earned.

The age for participants must be 13 years or older, and Apple Card owners and co-owners can add spending limits as they see fit. Every person, who participates will get their own titanium Apple Card, and those who are 18 or older can use the card to build their credit.

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