Xbox Live Gold price Increase: Why Microsoft push users to upgrade?

Xbox Live Gold Price

The decision of the Xbox Live gold price increase by Microsoft has been reversed. The move by Tech Company has also indicated plans to remove the Gold requirement for free-to-play online games.

Xbox Live Gold

Reason for Xbox Live Gold price Increase?

The new pricing seems to be designed to push users to upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which runs $15 per month.

Microsoft Xbox Live Gold has been supplying gamers with online multiplayer and digital media delivery across 3 generations of consoles for the past 18 years. Every so often, Microsoft looks at the pricing of this service and makes adjustments. On Friday, it announced certain regions will soon see an increase in price for Xbox Live Gold.

Is Microsoft raising Xbox Live Gold price?

On Friday, The IT giant announced a set of price raises for its Xbox Live Gold online gaming service, then reversed itself hours later after a wave of criticism. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) originally announced that Gold would cost $1 more for a one-month membership, lifting its cost to $10.99

Xbox live gold 12 months

Microsoft’s reworked membership plans aren’t a big change, so users likely won’t feel a dramatic hit to their wallets. According to the tech company, 1-month Gold memberships will be increasing by $1 USD, and 3-month memberships will see a $5 USD increase. This means a 1-month subscription will run for $10.99, a 3-month for $29.99, and a 6-month for $59.99.

How much is Xbox Live Gold price for a year?

The current Xbox Gold members will have already been notified in the regions that are affected by price adjustment either via email or through a message center notification. As Microsoft had announced a number of changes to Xbox Live Gold pricing that it’s moving from $60 a year to $120 for most people but the existing 12-month or 6-month Xbox Live Gold members won’t be affected.


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