Why Reddit is down? 24 Hours Reddit Status!

Reddit is down
Reddit is down

Reddit is down

It’s being officially confirmed that Social media platform Reddit is down, and there have been outages in Reddit service in the last 24 hours as per the graph given below.

Reddit Outages

The company has identified the problem, as per their official stance, and is working on a fix.

The company noted, “Error rates are elevated and requests are failing. A cause has been identified and a fix is being implemented.” It soon posted, “We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue.” Given the speed of the updates, this will likely be resolved soon.

Website outage tracker DownDetector also noted problems with Reddit in around the same period, as shown in this screenshot, where a sudden spike appears at 8 am.

DownDetector shows a spike of problems for Reddit at 8 am. For now, users who visit Reddit.com are greeted with a message saying that the CDN cannot access Reddit’s servers. However, since the problem has been identified this will likely be fixed soon.

However, on the Reddit Status page, it marks the outage on Desktop Web, Mobile Web, and other Reddit functions, but added that the Reddit CDN Fastly is working fine.

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