The Next Big Thing in Covid Vaccine Trials!!

Coronavirus vaccine

Covid vaccine trails are already taking place by renowned pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca. According to recent news report by BBC, it will be ready to be used in Wales within a week of getting “the go ahead”, the first minister has said.

Mark Drakeford said that Welsh ministers are already working for Covid vaccine on the capacity now. A lot of work has been done already.

There are announcements made by England and Scotland already about the Covid vaccine rollout.

AstraZeneca and Oxford defend Covid vaccine trials

In this week over the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine candidate, the former pharmaceutical executives in the U.S. raised questions whose developers calculated its combined results as 70% effective based on phase three trial data released Monday.

Plaid Cymru also called for an urgent and clear vaccination plan, while urging the Welsh Government not to be vague on such a serious matter.

The Cymru’s Dros Ginio programme, Mr Drakeford said: “What other places have done is shown an ambition. What we’re doing here in Wales is to plan first before we make an announcement.”

A number of vaccines have recently reported successful trials but none have yet gained safety approval.

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John Hopkins Covid Map

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