Taiwan Component Makers Won Back Tesla Orders: Report


Digitimes reported that there has been a massive increase expected in the demand by Tesla’s supply chain for Taiwan’s automotive components maker, as some of them reportedly have regained orders for electric motor components from the EV vendor, according to industry sources.


In past two years there have been no orders seen by Tesla at Taiwan’s motor components suppliers because of the vendor adjusting some key components for its Model 3 EVs on cost concerns. But now they have taken back the orders for Model Y with higher price-performance ratios for their electric motor components newly validated by Tesla, the sources said.

The main components makers, who are already present in the Tesla supply chain, includes Hota Industrial versed in transmission parts, Global PMX offering LED auto lights and BizLink specializing in charging couplers and battery management harness. Furthermore, ODM Pegatron is planning to set up an EV charging poles assembly plant in the US to fulfill orders from Tesla, the sources added.


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