Joe Biden Thanksgiving speech: ‘We can beat this virus’

The newly elected President of the United States said in the Thanksgiving speech that ‘We can beat this virus’.

Biden said Americans were at war with coronavirus, not each other. The United States saw more than 1.2 million cases last week, with 2,200 deaths on Tuesday – the highest number since late May.

‘We can beat this virus’

Mr Biden told the nation in his speech on Wednesday, : “I believe you always deserve to hear the truth from your president. We have to slow the growth of this virus. We owe it to the doctors and the nurses and the frontline workers……… We owe it to our fellow citizens.”


He further said that Covid-19 had “brought us pain and loss and frustration” and cost many lives.

“It’s divided us, angered us, set us against one another. I know the country’s grown weary of the fight, but we need to remember …..we’re at war with the virus, not one another.

“We have to steel our spines, redouble our efforts, and recommit ourselves to the fight.”

The US president urged the Americans to modify their Thanksgiving celebrations. He said that instead of the usual large gathering he would be spending the holiday with just his wife Jill and their daughter and son-in-law, while the rest of the family would be in small groups.

Still in the country, millions of Americans are traveling to be with their loved ones despite the warnings from health officials, although numbers are down on previous years.

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