Chip shortages expected to extend into 2022; Digitimes Report

Chip Shortages

There has tough conditions in IC manufacturing capacity, resulting in chip shortages that some expect to last into 2022, according to Digitimes. The chip shortages amid strong demand are sending the product prices up, resulted in one of those being MOSFET whose suppliers are set to increase pricing sharply in the months ahead. The demand for passive components is expected to remain strong through second-half of 2021, with currently inventory at ODMs and distributors dropping to very low levels.


Silicon Motion says that Chip shortage likely to persist through 2022. The foundry and backend capacity constraints resulting in a global shortage of semiconductors will likely continue through 2022, according to Silicon Motion Technology, which is a Taiwan-based NAND flash device controller specialist.



MOSFET chips prices are set to increase significantly in the months ahead thanks to worsening shortages arising from constantly tight 8-inch foundry capacity and rapid increases in demand for graphics cards and automotive electronics applications, according to industry sources.


The passive component makers, Yageo and Walsin Technology see clear order visibility stretch into 2H21, that is for the orders for MLCCs, chip resistors, inductors and capacitors extend to the second half of 2021 thanks to ODMs and distributors strengthening order momentum to replenish their inventories, according to industry sources.

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