Again Fire breaks out at Beirut port


The fire in the port again in Beirut reported.  It’s confirmed that a warehouse containing oil and tyres is burning.

A large fire breaks out at Beirut port near the site of the explosion. The Beirut residents shared videos of a fire that broke out at the port, the site of the explosion that took place on August 4 that killed 190 people.

And this is the second fire incidence reported in a row in the area in a week. According to Lebanese Army, the fire broke out at a warehouse containing oil and tyres.

Lebanese Army saying the fire at Beirut Port broke out in a warehouse containing oil and tires in the duty-free area and helicopters will be going to extinguish it.

 Lebanese Army has ordered people to vacate the vicinity of the port. There is no human casualties in the Beirut Port fire yet per Al Arabiya.

Shortness of breath recorded in the area due to heavy smoke. The roads are getting cleaned from vehicles as Lebanese army choppers are sent to extinguish the fire.

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