2020 US Elections: Live Updates

Trump or Biden

US Elections 2020 race is like a hot cake. How Biden or Trump would get the 270 electoral votes needed to win?

US Elections 2020 Live


To become the president of the United States, one needs to take 270 electoral votes. Whether Biden or Trump is victorious depends on which key states they pick up.



Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina are the states that are viewed as most likely to determine the outcome of the election.


There are 4 states for which Trump is trying to defend:


Ohio, Iowa, Georgia, and Texas probably won’t be the tipping-point states, but if they flip to Biden, it likely means he’s winning big.

Trump Winning States


Election results: Trump projected to win Texas, Florida, and Ohio while Biden takes New Hampshire, according to AP, NBC, and ABC news.

President Trump and former VP Joe Biden have secured projected wins in several states, according to The Associated Press, ABC News, and NBC News. Polls have closed along the West Coast as officials continue to count ballots in key swing states. Follow here for:


The latest state projections about US election 2020 visit it: 2020 US Elections

Updates from the Trump and Biden campaigns

Updates from state officials on voting and potential delays in results

Fact-checks from journalists and experts.

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