2020 US Election Results: Pro-Trump and pro-Biden demonstrators took to the streets


Biden win is prevalent in US election 2020, according to most recent figures, he is one state away from victory.

As the real picture of the 2020 election is becoming more clear for the seat of the president of United States, the demonstrations take place in multiple US cities as vote counting continues, Pro-Trump and pro-Biden demonstrators took to the streets in major cities including New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and others in the days following the November 3 election.

There are some groups, who are protesting against attempted legal action by the Trump administration over the ballot counting, while others have gathered outside election centers.


2020 US Election Results

The Donald Trump supporters rallied outside the Maricopa County tabulation center in Phoenix on Friday.

Opposing groups gathered in the streets of Philadelphia.

Pro-Trump demonstrators gathered in protest at the election department in Clark County, Las Vegas.

Peaceful protests calling for every vote to be counted escalated into arrests in New York City.


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