2020 U.S. Elections; Joe Biden played Despacito at Florida event

Joe Biden Played Despacito

2020 U.S. Elections candidate, Joe Biden played Despacito from his phone at an event in Florida after being introduced by singer Luis Fonsi.

At an event in Florida celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Joe Biden played the song Despacito after the singer, Luis Fonsi, introduced him. According to journalists, a doctored video shared by President Trump included edited audio to make it sound like Biden played an NWA song.

According to journalists, a video of the moment that was shared online has been doctored to change the audio.

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign says it is amassing an unprecedented army of attorneys for an expected legal brawl over whether ballots will count in the weeks after the election. The effort will involve several other top Democratic voting rights and election law attorneys as well as Eric Holder, the former attorney general.

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